SYA is an ambient system that gives you the opportunity to experience a fire situation and helps you be better prepared for the hazards.
Ambient Intelligence 
Semester Project
Ideation, Concept, Development
Christopher Brembach
Alessa Klinger 
Nadja Lipphardt
Sabine Reitmaier
SYA is an ambient intelligence solution that enables private individuals to train life-saving behavior in a fire situation. Thereby their sense of security and self-perception is increased.
In contrast to previous training offers, SYA helps the user to train his behaviour during a fire by self-determined acting and gives afterwards feedback on the behaviour in said dangerous situation.
The learning success can be measured and tracked by stored data.
extinguishable firewall
extinguishable firewall
modified fire extinguisher
modified fire extinguisher
smoke development tent
smoke development tent

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