POS ERP Ecosystem reimagined
A easy to understand POS System with integrated Retail Operating System to accomplish daily tasks of Retail employees
Freelance Contract
UX Design, UI Design​​​​​​​, Design System
What was the challenge?
Before the redesign, the feedback from users was rather negative. Mainly, the user interface was difficult to understand and complicated to use on a daily basis. A key insight from users was that they would like to be able to collect customers data quickly and efficiently with the app.
What was the delivered solution?
Together with the team of Remira, I have created a design system that is scalable and robust. The POS system and all other modules are easy to understand and tasks can be completed quickly and effectively. Older age groups can also work with the operating system. As the leading designer I was part from feedback ideation to the delivered designs working together with stakeholders, devs and other ux designers to deliver the new POS App Ecosystem.
Overall, the user-friendliness has been increased enormously and optimized for the daily use of retail employees.

Selected responsive tablet views

Selected responsive mobile views

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