There is no excuse for bad usability.
I craft memorable digital experiences ​​​​​​​
Websites / apps / ecosystems & vision just to mention a few verticals
Freelance Design

• Product Design
• User Research
• User Experience
• Interaction Design
• Branded Experiences
• Speculative Futures Scenarios

I usually work the best with clients agile and remotely and work with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Balsamiq, Miro, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Notion.
Product Vision Sprint
• 2-4 weeks
• Analyse weaknesses in your digital product
• Discovering 1-2 biggest wins
• A prototype solution 

In the end you and your team will have a defined product strategy, a detailed picture of your audience - unique Pains and Gains

Level up Service Design
• Let me help you convert user into fans
• Strategize Support effort with systems to increase CLV of user
• Minimize friction of new users with effective onboarding funnels
• Implement customer feedback loops to specialize and prioritize customer needs
Design Mentoring
You need a weekly or monthly sparing partner, who challenges your products usability and gives brutally honest feedback backed with data? I offer regular Design Consultations suited for Startups and NGO's.
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