As a UX designer - I help future-oriented companies create memorable digital experiences to enable humans achieve their goals

01// Omnichannel POS App
An app designed to help retail employees simplify sales on the store floor and provide interfaces to the web application. The task here was to check the product for current usability problems in order to optimize the interface and its functions and adapt them more closely to the needs of the target group.
Freelance Contract, UX, UI
02// AI Shopintegration for ERP
Development of a UX and UI design for the future of online stores. As one of 3 UX designers, I was responsible for the concept and design of three specific subject areas and took the lead for the expansion of the AI powered ERP Dashboard
UX, Research, Concept
03// App for travel expense reimbursement
As part of the project, an application route was developed with RMV to make the reimbursement of costs for delayed or canceled RMV journeys quicker and easier.
UX & UI Design
04// Public Transportation App
Redesign of the RMV app as a personal project to make the RMV app more user-friendly and to make ticket selection faster and more intuitive.
UX Casestudy
05// Albion - 4 possible economic world systems in 2105
Films and books about possible future scenarios shape our collectively perceived images of the future. We live in a „hypermedialization“. The e xhibition aims to question current popular believes about our future. Four speculative worlds are shown, which will participate in the transolympic games with Sport Enhancements in the future.
Bachelor Project, Speculative Design, Concept
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