KAHU ist das System zum bewussten Erinnern für trauernde Jugendliche, die eine wichtige Bezugsperson verloren haben.​​​​​​​
Semester Project
Ideation, Concept, Development
Jessica Hammer
Philipp Kaltofen
Alessa Klinger
Silvio Lepszy
The path of the grieving young person is facilitated by a modern shrine, which keeps important mementos, and a bracelet, which represents the presence of the deceased in everyday life.
When a loved one is lost, the familiar inner and outer world of young people is thrown into disarray. They not only have to deal with new, unfamiliar everyday situations, but also have to give the deceased a new place in their lives. Developing the role of the deceased in the mind of the bereaved is an essential aspect of coping with grief. KAHU starts at this point: It helps to establish the deceased as an inner companion.
The user activates the shrine by means of the bracelet. This creates an association of the two objects with the conscious remembrance of the deceased and the contents of the shrine are kept safe. The active examination of the new life situation and the awareness of death helps in the mourning process.
Der Schrein, bewusstes Erinnern
Der Schrein, bewusstes Erinnern
Das Armband, immer ein Begleiter
Das Armband, immer ein Begleiter

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