Create headspace in a playful and inspiring way with the digital journal "Gefühlswelt" and record your thoughts and feelings.
Semester Project
Ideation, Concept, Development
Maximilian Brandl
Janett Herdt
Alessa Klinger
Young, introverted people are often exposed to great stress and overflowing emotions. 
This situation gave rise to the movement of journaling. In often lovingly designed diaries, experiences are described and processed. Journaling is very effective as a method of organizing one's thoughts. However, people who think they are less creative shy away from visualization methods.
"Gefühlswelt" is an interactive media system and a digital alternative to analog journals. Its users can dive into their own world of thoughts and feelings. The input is done via speech or pen.
The offered generative tools enable even users without creative experience to create impressive entries. Through these tools, such as "Sketch, Mandala, Ugly, Easy, Colors, Rain, Circles, Orange, White, Text, Pattern", the product tempts users to experimentally design their entries.
New entries are saved automatically. And if you don't like a page, simply delete it.
The interactive digital journal can be operated completely offline and therefore offers a high level of data security.
In contrast to its analog model, the emotional world retains a consistently manageable volume. The feel of an analog journal and the aesthetics of a book are nevertheless retained.
"Emotional world" protects the user from distraction. There are no pop-ups, messages or other gamification elements. The point is to perceive oneself more consciously, and for this you don't need external influences.
Over time, the users of the world of feelings get to know themselves better, keep an overview of their feelings and can carelessly reveal thoughts that have no other place to express themselves. This creates a mental openness that makes it possible to break new ground. Emotional world is a companion in all situations in life.
Das Innenleben von Gefühlswelt, mit Touchdisplay und weiteren Features.

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